All entries to race main event – $45 All door cars allowed No Throttle stops allowed All cars must pass tech inspection All entrants must run all out through the 1/4 mile. Visual and audio inspection will be at top end to ensure an all out run during qualifying and eliminations.  Any tapping of the breaks or in and out of throttle – run will be disqualified All Runs will also be compared to qualifying runs during eliminations. 2 qualifying runs will be run.  If competitor does not make the call for first qualifying round pass only second pass will be allowed for competition. 32 car field to be determined by the closet competition based on ET. qualifying. NO TIME SLIPS will be given. No Sand Bagging will be allowed. All cars will run each round of elimination all out. No splitting of the prize money in the final round.   Final round will be ran in all out format to the finish line.  All sandbagging rules apply. No race will be settled by taking the green light and not completing the full race to the end.

  • Door cars only
  • Any combinations allowed at any weight
  • No Restrictor Plates
  • Throttle stops and delay boxes allowed but MUST BE DISABLED! Wires and air must be disconnected from T-stop and delay box 0’d out. At any time, you agree for any official full access to check. If you are caught with either operational you will be DQ’d from event . NO EXCEPTIONS!!

We are doing this so racers are not forced to rewire car or remove devices to run with us. DO NOT take advantage of this.

  • No optical sensors, or down track displays will be allowed to determine placement on the track.
  • Any devices which apply to the electronic timing keyed to the Christmas tree lighting system itself-that are not connected by relay or otherwise to automatically activates any devices on the car necessary to place the car in motion at the start of a race is PROHIBITED
  • Instant Green Start
  • Courtesy staging is in effect
  • Nitrous controllers are allowed for controlling the nitrous only
  • All Tires Allowed 

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